Clinton Muller

I am a fun loving guy! I am a lover of spirituality, people, animals, arts, music, philosophy, psychology, books and technology!

My hometown is in Elsies River, a small community in Cape Town, where I am currently residing as well. In primary school, I was bullied for reasons which at that time I could make sense of, but do now. My need to fit in helped me discover my love for chess and classical music. I was ”religiously” brought up in the Christian tradition until it stopped serving me around 2012 completely. I was completely lost, especially after my mom’s passing in 2011 from which I asked the question to myself that there must be more to life than earthly wealth because I simply discovered that it doesn’t bring the happiness that my parents and society told me. I knew that there must be more to life. My deep need to help my family after my mom’s passing led my to cut my investment banking career in Johannesburg as a quant very short. I follow the Buddhist way life as best as I can because it helps me understand the nature of my own suffering and of others. I simply hate to see people suffer. I try to help people in which ever way I can.

I finished a Bsc in Mathematics and Statistics, honours in Computational Finance and an incomplete MSc. I worked as a Senior Fund Accountant mostly. I am a part-time musician and love dancing. I love people, but I am more introverted. I mostly prefer my own company. I am too sensitive lol.

I love teaching as well! I was a part-time lecturer in Statistics, but I tutored maths from my second year. This also helped myself and parents. My hard work helped me to get scholarhips to cover the rest of my studies. I worked as a barman. I am a part-time musician. Played in the Cape Town Youth Philharmonic and my music center’s symphony orchestras. I love and thank all my teachers! Everyone is generally my teacher.

A little more about my childhood. It was ok with the usual joyful moments and traumas. I did what my parents expected and was occasionally rewarded. I attended school in my community until my need for better education and passion for music landed me a scholarship to go to any school of my choice. This all happened in the middle of my high school career. The switch opened my eyes. Better education where suddenly from the one of the top students at my old high school to the weakest. But I was welcomed nevertheless by all! As a member of the LGBTI community, it created a loving safe space to come out to.

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